Sunday, 16 February 2014

One small step for a giant step for Victoria.


(Hello, Aloha, Howdy, Dear)
Who knows how to start these things.
So this is it. my first EVER blog post. Scary.

Lets start with some background about me, I'm Victoria, a 20 year old student studying Information and Communication Technology at the University of Huddersfield. Currently i'm on a sandwich course which means i'm working for a year at wait for it ..... Boots every UK girls dream job and jokes aside i really love it! I'm now a dab hand at moving, Northampton-Huddersfield-Northampton-Nottingham and shorty back to Huddersfield (more than happy to talk about that more, if you'd like?) and along the way I've picked up lots of tips, tricks and general life chocolates (bits of life that are yummy just like chocolate) that just NEED sharing.

This is me, excuse the leopard print dressing gown and the corny instagram selfie.
Anything is better than nothing right?

There are 3 main things i am completely and utterly obsessed with:
Baking/ Food in general
Shopping, in all its glorious forms
andd MAKE UP, as every living girl over the age of 10 is nowadays.

Short and sweetly put this is what i'm hoping to blog about, however i do have all number of other loves that will appear time to time to:

  • FAMILY AND FRIENDS, very very very important to me
  • walking
  • all things beauty
  • interior design (cute things i like/ wish i could own)
  • weight: now before you all think i'm a size 0 who is going to bang on about how to loose all your fat by eating a pea every now and then, i'm really not. In fact i really want to loose weight and figure this blog could be a nice way of putting all of the up and downs out there for everyone to share/comment on. (why am i doing this again?!)
  • BLOGS AND YOUTUBE, again like everyone else my age i looooooveee reading blogs and watching youtube, my obsession with beauty gurus has diminished although is still definitely there however my main time wasting technique  favorite thing to watch is daily vlogs/ day in the life vlogs. Which brings me on to the next point...
  • days in the life, only if i'm doing something interesting, a trip to London is on the cards next weekend so maybe that could be on here?
  • acne, not opening that can of worms right now
  • everything and anything else I feel like
  • lists, can you tell yet?

I could ramble on forever about me and my life. I've been wanting to start a blog for ages, so that's what i'm doing. Please be lovely people and assuming if anyone ever reads this *crossed fingers* leave a nice comment or answer some of the questions so I don't feel like a complete twerp talking/ typing to myself. Feel free to ask me any questions as well. All feedback is welcome.

Bye for now,

Victoria x

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